weight loss and firming

  • slim concept

    Electrotherapy device with 12 different types of current and with default programs of fat dissolution, tightening, cellulite and muscle strengthening.

    The Slim Concept is designed to be user friendly and at the same time, to provide the customer with maximum efficiency, in a safe and comfortable way.

    -12 programs are performed through currents that help increase the temperature, thus maximizing the effects on the epidermal and subcutaneous tissues.
    -Μοναδική εφαρμογή με 12 διαφορετικούς τύπους ρεύματος.
    - Use of isometric currents to increase blood and lymph circulation.
    - Use of isotonic currents for longitudinal muscle contraction.

    The Slim Concept combines and shapes the currents depending on the strength of the muscles, the shape of the body and the sensitivity of the client. Its effectiveness is based on a program of 10 treatments, cleverly designed and configured with the most advanced technological system Enhanced Programming System.

    In the first three sessions, currents are selected that soften the fibrous adhesions and the fat deposit under the skin, as it is found that electrotherapy is effective when the fat layers are heated, which Slim Concept achieves successfully and painlessly.

    In the fourth to sixth session, adjustment is made to deliver stronger currents, operating at the level of adipose tissue. This increases the stimulation of the indicators that break down the fat stores.

    In the seventh and eighth sessions, currents are applied that help remove toxins from the tissues, enhancing their tonicity in order to reduce cellulite.

    Finally, in the last two sessions, currents are used that restore muscle tone, resulting in increased endurance.

  • Massage for local fat

    The notion that massage is a luxury for the few is wrong. Instead, it is an alternative form of treatment and relaxation of the body, with beneficial properties for health.

    Massage-massage is the manipulation of the superficial and deeper (deep) muscle tissues and the connective tissue using various techniques, in order to enhance their functionality, to aid the healing process, to reduce the reflex contraction of the muscles, to inhibit stimulation of motor neurons, but mainly the promotion of relaxation, wellness and entertainment.

    Massage involves manipulations that vary in either form, intensity, or dexterity. It can either stimulate you or promote relaxation and this depends on the type of technique, the way the therapist performs the manipulations and how the patient perceives the massage. The suitability of each manipulation is judged by the respective therapist, who must possess excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.


  • Massage

    One of the biggest enemies of a woman is cellulite. Cellulite is one of the most important cosmetic problems that every woman tries to face. Cellulite is nothing but fat along with water, which hardens and stabilizes in the subcutaneous tissue of our body.

    Factors that affect cellulite are related not only to diet but also to the leaf (occurs mainly in women), age (increases as we grow older), daily lifestyle and finally a person's connective tissue.

    Anti-cellulite massage is a specialized lymphatic massage technique that aims to tighten the body. This massage technique offers fast and effective detoxification of the body, better blood and lymph circulation, local skin rejuvenation, reduction of cellulite and natural slimming.

    Lymphatic massage, thanks to its anti-edematous and decongestant action, is the most suitable technique for the fight against cellulite, the local tightening and the reduction of the local thickness. Effectively removes toxins from the body, helps eliminate the swelling of local fat and is the only natural way that significantly reduces the "orange look" of the body.

    *The frequency we should have in the massage for effective prevention of cellulite depends on the degree of treatment (superficial cellulite or deep cellulite that requires more repetitions) and the activity of the materials used in the massage.

    *Cellulite massage is contraindicated in some cases such as thrombophlebitis, heart failure, asthma and others.

  • Seaweed

    Seaweeds bring together all the beneficial properties of the sea, which is why today there is a lot of talk about their importance as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of various diseases and aesthetic problems.

    The action of seaweed is based on the phenomenon of osmosis that is created between the body and sea water. Scientific studies have shown a similarity between the mineral composition of seawater and the composition of body fluids.

body hydration

  • body peeling

    The first step in caring for the body's skin is undoubtedly exfoliation. Not only because it removes dead cells that make it look dull and rough, but also because it helps to better absorb care products. All you have to do is spend a little of your time and you will be compensated with a velvety complexion enjoying your exfoliation combined with a massage.

    * Peeling is used in the form of cream with natural almond grains.

    * Recommended for exfoliation before body treatments and for daily care.


  • Mesotherapy with Dermapen

    Mesotherapy with Dermapen (Bella Medical) is a treatment, ideal for non-surgical, non-invasive treatment of various skin diseases, such as aging, scarring and hyperpigmentation.

    With this form of mesotherapy we inject various substances into the lower skin, where even the best anti-aging or moisturizing cream can not penetrate. The substances mentioned are usually solutions of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, retinol and antioxidants.

    The substances used are usually solutions of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, retinol and antioxidants.

    Dermapen (Bella Medical)
    It is a machine that looks like a pen and at the end has 9 thin needles that pierce the skin, up to 100 times per second, with adjustable speed and depth, ranging between 0.1mm-2.0mm, depending on the area being treated. Its needles penetrate the skin vertically, minimizing skin damage, pain and recovery time. They cause multiple minor injuries to the skin by penetrating the skin and reaching the skin without destroying it.

    They cause multiple minor injuries to the skin by penetrating the skin and reaching the skin without destroying it.

    Due to the elasticity of the skin cells, the micropores close very quickly and within a few hours the skin returns to its normal state.

    - improvement of wrinkles
    - increase and production of collagen
    - improve acne scars
    - increase in skin thickness
    - face tightening

  • Diamond abrasion with Diamond

    Diamond Abrasion with Diamond is the most advanced microdermabrasion treatment for the face and is the core of all anti-aging treatments.

    Using the specially designed head made of genuine diamond on the surface of the skin, we bloodlessly remove the surface layer of the skin, consistently smoothing it, while at the same time a gentle suction activates the formation of new collagen & elastin.

    At the same time we drain the therapeutic solutions, which are always adapted to each skin type and we have chosen them according to the problem we have to face.

    It is the ideal and the simplest treatment for a rejuvenated, soft and clean face.

    Mechanically removes sebum and all dead cells from the skin and gives a smooth, radiant and youthful look to the skin without fine wrinkles.

    Diamond Abrasion with Diamond can be applied to the entire area of ​​the face and in addition to the neck and torso, while it gives excellent results in synergy with other treatments. It helps the skin to produce collagen and elastin on its own, ie to regenerate on its own (autogenous regeneration).

    - moisturizes the skin
    - treats acne
    - whitens the spots
    - nourishes the skin with vitamins
    - delays aging with antioxidants
    - delays aging with antioxidants

    * Aimed at all ages from 18 years and over, it is completely safe, as it does not involve risks and side effects.

    * Each session lasts 30 minutes and can even be repeated every week. The number of sessions varies depending on the problem, but usually 4-5 sessions are enough for excellent results, although the action of the method is visible from the very first time.


  • Antristress massage

    In our space you can enjoy a unique experience of relaxing massage (Relax Anti Stress Massage). If you do not have specific health problems, but you urgently need an escape from tension and stress, leave it in our hands.

    By using essential oils, the body helps to eliminate muscle tension, blockages and fatigue. Blood pressure drops, muscles relax, lymph is activated and the whole body begins a detoxification process. The combination of relaxing massages and the great power that the essential oils attract from nature itself, acts as a catalyst not only in the body, but also in the soul. A relaxing massage session is able to bring mental and spiritual peace to the patient.

    This is an ideal massage against stress and accumulated fatigue, which will offer you a feeling of deep rejuvenation and well-being.

    Each session lasts half an hour or an hour and at the end you will immediately feel the results in your body, while you will definitely feel that the time has been removed for a while. But the results are infinitely greater and the body is activated to the maximum, after five or six sessions.

    *Whether you choose a complete package of six treatments, or come to our place for a discharge session from an intense, stressful day, the experience of a relaxing massage will surely be unforgettable.


    Beautiful skin, healthy body and clear mind are directly dependent on lymph flow. People who live in a polluted environment and are constantly under pressure and stress tend to have reduced lymph flow. As a result, they may experience edema and a weakened immune system.

    The lymph is the most important fluid in our body, after the blood. It is our defense system and at the same time the system that expels toxins. Lymphatic massage is done with special massage techniques by specialized beauticians. It helps in the good health of the organism while at the same time it has as a direct result - apart from the long-term benefits - the elimination of the toxins.

    The results are impressive in balancing metabolic disorders, combating fluid retention and reducing lymphedema and venous edema.

    - elimination of cellulite
    - enhancement of lipolysis and elimination of local thickness
    - reduction of relaxation
    - detoxification
    - Relief of pain resulting from connective tissue diseases, such as rheumatism, arthritis, etc.

    * Lymphatic massage is applied all over the body, with emphasis on the legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks, face and neck.

    * Lymphatic massage is aimed at women and men of all ages, even adolescents, who need to get rid of fluid retention.

    * It takes at least 6 sessions to see results. But surely, each case is unique and the beautician will tell you exactly how many you will need.