Cellulite Massage

One of the biggest enemies of a woman is cellulite. Cellulite is one of the most important cosmetic problems that every woman tries to face. Cellulite is nothing but fat along with water, which hardens and stabilizes in the subcutaneous tissue of our body.

Chronos Therapy

Why use injectable wrinkle filling? Plastic surgery appointment postponed… Have you heard of injectable implants for rejuvenation and wrinkle filling.

Thavma Therapy

Why use botox? The appointment with the plastic surgery is postponed…
You have heard that cosmetic surgery intervenes in the form of an injection and works by "freezing" wrinkles (Botox).

Opsis Therapy

Why resort to eyelid surgery? The appointment with plastic surgery is postponed…
You have heard that eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgery that "opens" the eye and gives a youthful expression.

Permanent makeup on the eyebrows

Permanent eyebrow makeup with the hair-hair method but also shading with a motorbike or microblanding, the specialist in permanent eyebrow makeup (eyebrow tattoo) Zeta Nikolouli in collaboration with Retouche, will give your eyebrows density, shape and intensity that you desire!