Make Up


    According to the new fashion trends, natural make-up is the perfect choice for a simple make-up. The choice of natural shades and not intense colors, which highlight the natural features of your face, is what most men prefer!


    We apply moisturizer or use a primer product, which will give radiance to the whole face. Apply make-up or BB cream depending on the imperfections of the face. To have a more matte effect we can use powder in powder form. Then emphasize the cheekbones with a blush in rose or bronze tone.


    First we apply a matte shadow all over the eyelid as a base. Then we apply an iridescent shadow from above and in the inner corner of the eye. Make thinner lines with pencil or eyeliner. We give a good shape to the eyebrows and emphasize them with a special product for eyebrows, close to their natural shade. For tired eyes we use concealer mainly in liquid or stick form to cover dark circles or to give light to the eye area. When it comes to mascara, a coat of black or brown is a must.


    To complete the makeup we use an earthy lipstick. It will highlight the natural color of your lips and will give you an elegant result.

    Extra tips

    - If you do not want to put a lot of mascara we can use eyelash scissors. Your lashes will transform instantly even without mascara.
    - For a more girly effect, you have in your bag a lip-gloss in a fruity color to refresh your lips.


    Evening makeup can take off or destroy the image of the face and the overall appearance. The right and impressive evening makeup is the demand for every woman who wants to impress on a night out.

    In general, makeup is for a woman the trademark of her style, it determines her character but it can even state her mood depending on how it is painted. So we can easily understand how important makeup is and even more so the evening for our external image.

    It would be good for our evening make-up to be careful and to emphasize both the intensity and the colors we use since at night due to the low lighting our make-up should be more intense than the make-up we choose the other hours, but no too much.

    The necessary makeup products

    Depending on the color of our skin, the color of our hair and the color of our eyes, we create the perfect base.

    Makeup, concealer and powder are the three essential products that we will use to make the perfect base. On this basis we will create our impressive evening makeup.


    Our foundation should be matte and not shiny so as to avoid the annoying shine on the face that will definitely be created by the lights and the heat that will be in the area where we will be. In case it is summer, you understand that it is necessary in case we can not wear make up, this must be matte. The secret to make up is that the tone is exactly the same as our skin, as well as to cover with it all the points that are exposed to public view. The neckline, the neck and our shoulders should be in the same color shade.


    The concealer is essential in our evening make-up and this is because it will illuminate the entire area under our eyes. The secret is to put the right amount so that you do not appear with the unsightly yellow or white lines created under the eyes by the excessive amount of concealer that we are used to using. After all, it is a magical product that gives shine to our whole look, as long as we put a very small amount.


    The powder is necessary to give a uniform tone to the entire skin as it is also the product that will combine the make up with the concealer, so that we can create the right base. The powder will also cover the unwanted shine on our face and will make us look fresh and radiant.

    Eye makeup

    The most common technique that most women choose for evening eye makeup, is Smokeyeyes. But other than that, you can choose to make a more impressive technique that suits those who want to magnetize with their look. This is the cateyes or cat look, which highlights the eyes even the smallest and adds a little mystery to the look. Finish the eyes by putting 2 to 3 coats of mascara on your lashes or even false eyelashes.

    The rest of the evening makeup

    Your lips, eyebrows and cheekbones should be equally well-groomed and toned. So we paint your lips in a shade that matches the rest of the makeup. We prefer the red color or a color 2 to 3 tones darker than the natural of your lips for a safe result and of course we emphasize the contour with a pencil in the same shade as the lipstick.

    We shape your eyebrows with a little pencil and comb them, while for the cheekbones we prefer glosses and a blush in a shade a little more intense than the natural color of your skin. In an evening make-up, the rule that we must emphasize only one part of our face does not necessarily apply.

    At night we must emphasize all our features and emphasize our strong features.


    Wedding day is one of the most important days of a woman's life! The bride is the protagonist of the day and should be glamorous and fairytale throughout.

    Bridal makeup is by no means a simple type of makeup, but a combination of experience, knowledge and art, due to its special requirements. It should be flawless and completely natural or possibly more intense, to be stable and waterproof in order to remain unchanged despite the difficult conditions of the day but also to meet the needs of a professional photographer.

    For all the above, we conclude that a lot of good preparation should have been done. For this the first thing you need to do is make an appointment a few months in advance, so that we have time to choose the right makeup that will suit your personality and the style you have chosen for your wedding. .

    The process is divided into 2 parts: The trial and the wedding day makeup. In the rehearsals, the bride and the make-up artists of Retouche work together and try different looks and make-up to come up with what will be "worn" on the wedding day.


    Makeup is undoubtedly an art that requires special knowledge, imagination and appropriate materials and products to achieve the desired results. The care of the skin, the eyes, the lips, the correction of any imperfections and the improvement of the facial features require knowledge and skills.

    Retouche has great news for beauty addicts who want to learn all the secrets of perfect makeup.

    Start the make up guide in our space, from the graduate beauticians / make up artist Elena and Maria and discover the secrets of makeup with the appropriate products that meet the needs of your face.