Manicure is a process in which the nails on the hands are cleaned and formed. The ideal shape of the nails is determined by the changing trends. A manicure consists of several successive steps. Initially, the nails are filled to achieve the desired shape. Then we soften the cuticle either by applying a chemical agent or by letting the fingers soak in hot water.

    Once it softens and becomes pliable, we push the cuticle that is attached to the nail and the dead part is removed. Then a regenerative product is applied and massaged on the nails and fingers, while the oil is removed from the nail plate through the use of antiseptic. Finally, the varnish base, the varnish and the top coat are applied.

  • MANICURE Shellac

    The shellac manicure has exactly the same procedure as the simple manicure and the only difference is in the varnish (shellac).

    Shellacs are semi-permanent nail polishes, or photo-hardening nail polishes, to meet the demand for fast-drying, long-lasting nail polishes. The shellacs are resistant to peeling and are designed for use on natural nails for about 2 weeks, while their removal is achieved with the use of pure acetone.

    The shellacs contain the same dyes used in traditional nail polishes, but a base containing polymerizers and methacrylate or acrylic oligomers and monomers is used instead of the standard solvent / resin base.

  • Pedicure

    Pedicure as a word, refers to the surface cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.

    Pedicure is considered to be a summer habit. However, in winter our feet need more care due to the closed shoes.

    A pedicure, therefore, in our area can help prevent diseases and disorders of the nails, as they are completely cleaned. The pedicure, however, is not limited to the nails, as we apply dipping of the feet in water with essential oils to relieve and prevent foot swelling, provide care for the calluses and remove dead cells from the heels.

    In addition, massage to stimulate circulation, moisturizing mask - paraffin baths are the very useful and therapeutic means, applied in our beauty center. The soles are the ones that accept the pressures from the weight of the body but also the skin changes from the shoes. It is important for women and men to have beautiful and well-groomed limbs.

    With these treatments, the foot and the foot are rejuvenated and "breathe" better, while their visual aesthetics are greatly improved.

  • Pedicure Shellac

    The shellac pedicure is the same process as the simple pedicure and the only difference is in the varnish.

    Shellacs are semi-permanent nail polishes, or photo-hardening nail polishes, to meet the demand for fast-drying, long-lasting nail polishes. The shellacs are resistant to peeling and are designed for use on natural nails for about 2 weeks, while their removal is achieved with the use of pure acetone.

    The shellacs contain the same dyes used in traditional nail polishes, but a base containing polymerizers and methacrylate or acrylic oligomers and monomers is used instead of the standard solvent / resin base.

  • Artificial nails

    Artificial nails are mainly used to extend the natural nail and give a permanent shape and design. It used to serve as a "natural nail enhancement", something that has been overcome with permanent varnishes.

    It lasts about 20 days depending on the natural extension of the nail. As a material, it remains unchanged on the nail for much more than 20 days. However, because the nail grows, a gap appears at the top, which makes it useless after 15-25 days, depending on the speed at which the nail grows in each body. After this period you can do the maintenance of the artificial ones to last as long.

    With artificial nails, we can give size and shape to almost any nail. The extension can be done with tips or a form. The tips are plastic nails that stick to the natural nail and are then covered by the artificial nail material. The form replaces the tips, making the material stand in shape on the nail. The suitability of each extension depends on the size of the natural nail.

    The materials used in artificial nails are Gel or acrylic. Gel is a thick gel material that cures in UV or LED lamps to stabilize.

    Acrylic is a material that is placed on the nail. It is an acrylic powder that with the right liquid and exposure to the environment becomes solid, stabilizes and becomes hard and stable. It is placed on the nail and until it is dry it is very pliable and it is placed as we wish. Then it becomes hard and durable and remains unchanged.

    Each artificial nail can be painted with permanent varnish, with colored material (eg colored acrylic or colored gel) or with simple varnish.

    The removal of the artificial ones is done by impregnation in pure acetone, or a special remover and enough rubbing with a file or wheel. Removal is a time consuming process and must be done by specialists to avoid damage to the nail.

  • Extend Base

    Είναι καινοτόμα προιόντα και συγκαταλέγονται στα ημιμόνιμα βερνίκια.Είναι  ταυτόχρονα



    -top coat

    Δίνουν την δυνατότητα  ενίσχυσης  του φυσικού νυχιού και επιμήκυνσης  από 1 εως  2 εκατοστά ! Μπορούμε δηλαδή  να ομαλοποιήσουμε ή να διορθώσουμε ατέλειες  στην επιφάνεια της πλάκας του νυχιού, αλλά κ να μακρύνουμε εύκολα κάποιο νύχι σας  που έσπασε ή και όλα!

    Αφαιρείτε κανονικά σαν ημιμόνιμο βερνίκι με την χρήση του καθαρού ασετόν,χωρίς να υπάρχει φθορά στην επιφάνεια του νυχιού σας.

  • Dipping Nails

    Για μερικές γυναίκες το να κρατήσουν ένα μανικιούρ για δύο ολόκληρες εβδομάδες φαντάζει με ένα άπιαστο όνειρο ακόμα κ με το ημιμόνιμο μανικιουρ! Λόγω της  αδυναμίας των νυχιών τους μπορεί να τους στερήσει τα περιποιημένα άκρα που θέλουν να έχουν κάθε φορά. Ωστόσο, αυτό δε σημαίνει πως ακόμη και οι γυναίκες που δεν έχουν κάποιο πρόβλημα, δε θέλουν να εξασφαλίσουν τη μέγιστη διάρκεια στο ημιμόνιμο μανικιούρ τους.

    The dipping  είναι μια άοσμη ενισχυτική εφαρμογή που καλύπτει τα νύχια σας με σκόνη χωρίς να υπάρχει ανάγκη χτισίματος. Γίνετε μόνο ως φυσική ενίσχυση δηλαδή  και όχι για επιμήκυνση των νυχιών. Μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί με χρωματιστή σκόνη εξ αρχής ή να ολοκληρώσουμε βάφοντας το με ημιμόνιμο βερνίκι.

    Ιδιαίτερα ανθεκτικό ακόμα κ σε επαγγέλματα που τα χέρια έρχονται σε συχνή επαφή με νερά ή απορρυπαντικά.
    Στις 25-30 ημέρες χρειάζεται να αφαιρεθεί και να ξανατοποθετηθεί αν θελήσουμε.Η αφαίρεση είναι εύκολη σχετικά καθώς γίνετε με εμβύθιση σε καθαρό ασετόν.

    Αυτή η τεχνολογία σας γλυτώνει χρόνο, προσφέροντας ένα ελαστικό,εντελώς φυσικό και αψεγάδιαστο αποτέλεσμα χωρίς να καταστρέφει τα φυσικά σας νύχια.

    Αυτό που συνίσταται  είναι να μην επιχειρείτε να τα αφαιρείτε μόνες σας στο σπίτι, καθώς χρειάζεται συγκεκριμένη προεργασία και ειδική φροντίδα μετά την αφαίρεση.

upper & lower limb hydration

  • Paraffin bath

    Paraffin bath is a deep hydration treatment. If you want your feet or hands to be soft and hydrated, 1 paraffin bath every 3 to 4 weeks is enough. The result is miraculous.

    Paraffin baths have been used successfully for years in treatments for arthritis, swelling reduction, joint inflammation, atopic dermatitis, rheumatism and connective tissue strengthening. Treatment of diseases requires at least 10 sessions at regular intervals.

    A rough, dry, dehydrated or chapped skin on the hands, feet, elbows or knees can be treated with paraffin baths.

    It is an obstructive, heat treatment, which not only cares for and moisturizes the skin, but also stimulates blood circulation.

    *When your hands or feet are immersed in paraffin wax, they begin to sweat and bleed. Through the occlusion and the temperature of the paraffin that lasts 10 to 15 minutes, the pores of the skin are opened, as a result of which the skin care product that we previously applied, penetrates in the skin in the optimal way. Even after the first treatment, your skin is visibly smoother and softer.

  • Peeling & Mask

    For beautiful skin and for glowing and healthy skin, we recommend the hand and foot spa.

    We first use a hand / foot exfoliating crystals to gently remove dead cells and prepare the skin to better absorb the moisture of the mask and lotion we will use in the next step.

    Then apply a super-moisturizing cream / serum (crystal activator), designed to activate the exfoliating crystals creating an AHA complex that penetrates deep into the skin.

    It is a product that is the second phase of exfoliation and is combined exclusively with Exfoliating Crystals. The combination of the two creates a deep moisturizing exfoliating treatment as it contains Vitamin E and four different tonics that enclose hydration, offering a youthful glow and reducing the visible signs of aging.

    1st stage:
    - Use the Crystal Activator by massaging in a circular motion with a small amount of Exfoliating Crystals on the hands and arms / soles and calves.
    - Follow with an equal amount of Crystal Activator and do a gentle massage, until the Exfoliating Crystals dissolve and penetrate the skin.
    - Wrap your hands / feet in warm, damp towels.
    - Let it penetrate for 3-5 minutes, unroll and wipe with a damp cloth.

    The final stage of the spa treatment is the application of a luxurious mask for the hands / feet, which deeply treats and restores the skin, leaving a healthy glow. Contains a nourishing blend of almond oil, jojoba oil & Vitamin E.

    2nd stage:
    - Apply a thin layer of product on the tips of the hands / feet and toes, and then wrap them in warm towels or warm gloves.
    - After 3-5 minutes, remove the towels / gloves and the remaining mask with a soft sponge.
    - Carefully dry with a clean towel and massage with a nourishing cream.

lower extremity pain relief

  • Cryotherapy

    During the summer many women and men complain of swelling in the legs, a feeling of heaviness and strain. Swelling of the legs causes discomfort and makes it difficult to perform daily activities.

    Every day our feet carry all the weight of our body which means that they must always be strong. So venous insufficiency can be a serious problem. The first symptoms are characterized by pain, heaviness, swelling, fatigue, stinging or night cramps.

    Cryotherapy has given excellent results in relieving tired - swollen feet. The vasoconstriction caused by special herbal extracts causes the skin to feel cold and is very useful in cases of swelling.

    Place soaked gauze or towels with a similar product of cryotherapy (gel) on the soles and calves. We use products mainly based on mint and eucalyptus oil. Combined with the refreshing menthol and aloe, this excellent composition of the refreshing gel, soothes and moisturizes tired and tired feet.

    - aloe (moisturizes dry feet, while soothing them)
    - eucalyptus oil (has antiseptic, disinfectant and beneficial properties for blood circulation)
    - Minthol (known for its antiseptic properties, has additional tonic and rejuvenating properties)

    * There are special beauty treatments with products rich in peppermint essential oils that in combination with lymphatic massage can relieve swollen feet.

    * Alternatively you can use a special product as often as needed.

  • Peeling & Mint Mask

    The exfoliating scrub that we use in our treatment soothes hard and dry skin, while at the same time Macadamia walnut oil, leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

    A warm feeling stimulates blood circulation, while at the same time treating the skin.


    Apply a small amount of pedi scrub on wet skin, and gently massage. Focus on rough, dry areas for 2-3 minutes. Rinse, dry and apply a thin, uniform layer of mask on the lower leg (sole, tarsus, toes, heel) up to the ankle.

    This typical foot mask is a blend of herbs & refreshing mint, moisturizing sea extracts and healing clay.

    It rejuvenates the sole, leaves the skin soft, keeps the foot hydrated and cool for a long time after the treatment.

    - cools the feet with natural menthol
    - with the help of panthenol, attracts and retains moisture in the skin
    - helps relieve inflammation and irritation
    - keeps the feet refreshed for a long time after the completion of the pedicure
    - provides the aromatherapeutic properties of natural peppermint oil
    - provides a complete and integrated foot treatment